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Independent made multi-media novel

Comprising a meticulously crafted collection of 14 chapters, the entire array was masterfully captured in-camera, forming a multimedia narrative that unfolds like a novel. This visionary endeavor stands as a collaborative creation, meticulously crafted in partnership with the esteemed director, Gary Land. Remarkably, the constraints imposed by a global pandemic spurred an unexpected surge of productivity, enabling us to bring this ambitious project to fruition. The narrative itself unfolds into an epic tale, centering around a young protagonist birthed within a futuristic subterranean enclave. This boy undergoes genetic enhancements crucial for humanity's resurgence, facilitating a triumphant return to the surface realm—an apocalyptic world ravaged by the twin scourges of greed and warfare. The multifaceted storyline exquisitely blends themes of resilience, transformation, and hope, captivatingly depicted through the fusion of visual storytelling and imaginative design. Check out the entire story at



Nikko Project




Creative/Design Direction, website, Social Campaign