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Emulating the paths paved by Lane Myers, Shel Silverstein, and even the esteemed Da Vinci, the endeavor involves fashioning exceptional and daring instances, utilizing a myriad of disciplines to give substance to artistic pursuits within the constraints of modern day capitalism.


Rt332 was created in 2014 in order to collaborate with brands and other agencies in order to provide the best in creative and design across all creative disciplines.

Delivering responsive, interactive experiences to industry giants like Goodyear, Adidas, and Puma, along with crafting all-encompassing brand design systems spanning CPG and CG landscapes. Expertly orchestrating 360-degree campaigns that seamlessly fuse video and print, adaptable to diverse display dimensions, from retail exhibits to sprawling 15,000 sq ft trade show pavilions.


If you want to start a new project or have questions feel free to reach out at